Who is Kegesa Danvas Abdullah?

Meet the Gentleman Behind Cute Online Money

Kegesa Danvas Abdullah is a Kenyan-born gentleman, a Seventh Day Adventist by religious affiliation, a Mechanical, Production & Energy Engineer by profession, a Blogger by passion and an evangelist by calling.

I have been a freelance writer, editor and proof-reader for more than six years.

Cute Online Money is not my first website. It is the only dedicated blog. I am the co-founder of Cute Energy and Construction Company. I have written over 2000 different types of content on various topics.

My career as a writer started long time ago when I was still a student.

I used to write plays, small poems and songs and train myself, my friends and church members.

The main motivation of writing is to get the message about the deep things buried in my mind for your benefit.

One time in school, some students were sent home for school fees. The English teacher came to class and asked, “Can you make ten sentences sing the word writing”?

Many of the classmates could not do it. He said, “It seems all the clever students went home for school fees and left the stupid ones”.

To prove the teacher wrong, I concocted the following sentences.

  1. Writing is my hobby.
  2. The teacher taught us on writing compositions.
  3. My teacher asked me a question about writing.
  4. He thinks that I don’t know what writing is.
  5. He thinks the whole class doesn’t know what writing is.
  6. He does not know that I have been writing poems and songs.
  7. He will be surprised to buy my book on writing.
  8. He has not seen the writing on the walls about him.
  9. I hope he shall not force me to apologise in writing.
  10. Can writing help us make money?

The teacher was highly impressed. He promised never to call us stupid. He made me the class prefect. From that day, I doubled my reading and writing efforts.

That is how my passion for writing started to grow.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that writing could help me make money. However, it turned out to be true ten years later. Writing can help you make real money, online and offline.

Why are you telling me all this? You could be asking.

I am telling you all this to encourage you, to ignite a passion in you, to help you tell the world the things that you know about writing and making online money so that we can change the world.

I never knew I could come out of my small village and present my message to over one million people from various parts of the world, and furthermore, make money writing online.

You need to know who I was and who I am so that you feel encouraged and realise that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens us – Philippians 4:13.

I am here to tell you that you can change all things and achieve the impossible if you follow my example.

Instead of waiting to see what happens to this brand new blog, walk with me while doing the actionable insights presented herein and we shall all grow together.


Why is Kegesa Danvas Abdullah Blogging?

I am a blogger because I love writing.

I blog about things which can help in changing my status quo and your status quo.

In my writings, I reveal secret ways of making money online which many bloggers and writers find hard to reveal to you.

Instead of just writing, I offer you a step by step process of reaping the monetary benefits of the internet – making money online.

Through blogging, I offer practical guides and solutions to some of your problems

The Cute Online Money community helps in solving problems that our members could be having about all things online.

Sometimes, we may use this online platform to solve offline problems and challenges facing our lives; our members or our readers.

I am here, together with you to change the way people think by providing simple solutions to complex problems.

I invite you to visit this website, subscribe to our emails, get in touch with us and take part in our writing.


How can you get Involved?

Kegesa Danvas Abdullah invites you to get involved in these lucrative online affairs.

This blog is all about starting your own website, and making real money online.

You can read the invaluable information on this website and turn it into real money by starting your own online business, website or any other venture.

You can contribute by submitting guest blogs. We accept guest blogging.

You can get involved by giving actionable tips on how to make money online

You can be active in making comments and appreciating what other people share.

You can also debunk, criticise or correct any wrong ideas by writing to us or through commenting.

You can also do any other thing not mentioned here so long as it is morally acceptable and if it can uplift or affect others positively.

It is important to note that this blog intends to give you full benefits freely and it was created with you in mind.


What shall we be blogging about?

Now that you are part of the blog, let’s talk about our blogging ideas.

The topic or niches covered by this blog include the following:

  • Blogging Guides: How to start your own blog or website
  • Making Money: How to make money online with or without a website
  • Important and profitable blogging techniques
  • The best evergreen blogging niches for maximum profits
  • Email marketing techniques that yield quality results
  • The best web hosting
  • Video marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Techniques
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Tips and tricks to get more money online


Who is my Target Audience?

Kegesa Danvas Abdullah targets you. You are the target audience.

If you are reading this post, then be sure that you are my target audience. So who are you?

You are not satisfied with the amount of money you are making in your current job

You are well educated, learned and interested in the internet and online money

You love blogging and content writing to bits

You want to venture into a new world of online stuffs

You are young, but not too young. You are old, but not too old.

You are of either gender

You have a device that is connected to the internet, or you are about to purchase one.

You love being independent, you love yourself and your own money.

If any of the above describes you, welcome and stay.


My Offline Job and Online Writing Experience

I got my first job on my first day of job searching after campus but before graduating. The employer stated that I was not experienced enough in engineering and matters outside university classroom learning.

He offered me a monthly salary of $ 250 on condition that I worked six days a week from 0700 hrs to 1700 hrs

He stated that punctuality was compulsory and that my salary would be increased by $5 after every year of successful execution of responsibilities.

I was broke, I was desperate. But I kindly turned down the offer and started building my online career. I started online writing for money.

At times, I could make $250 per day. The highest I made on a day, working alone, was $635 from one project.

I am here to inspire you to follow your passion and to let nobody enslave you.


Do you want to do your own things at your own time, get time for worship, leisure time and time with your lovely family? Do you, on the other hand, need a regular job where you are assured of your meagre salary of peanuts, servitude, abuse and slavery?

I am not saying that you go and tell your employer to their nose that you want to quit working.

I want you to weigh the benefits of risk and freedom versus job security and slavery and then decide your course of action with time.

You can continue with your present job while working out on an exit strategy, on how you shall build an online empire.

The future of creating money, shopping, buying and selling is online.

The earlier you start, the better.

You risk something to take a risk, but you risk everything by not taking a risk.


What are the goals of this blog?

My main goal is to see you reaping the full benefits of my advice:

Kegesa Danvas Abdullah wants to see you making a lot of money online

He wants to see your own website and blog

He wants to see you a happy authority in any well paying niche.

He wants to hear you testifying that the ideas in this blog worked in your favour.

If you succeed, Kegesa Danvas Abdullah could have succeeded too because that is the very essence of coming up with this blog.


Important Points to Note

Kegesa Danvas Abdullah is always available. I am happy to inform you that I am an approachable, honest and passionate blogger who will do all things possible to make your online journey enjoyable and fruitful.

Do not shy away from talking to me.

I am not here to sell you snake oil or warthog’s teeth.

I am here for you and I believe that you are here for me.

I can help you if you contact me through text, email or any other method on this blog.

Please invite anybody who may be interested in this online money making stuff.

It is cool to influence somebody’s life for the best.

Such people will never forget about you the rest of their lives.


Now lets talk…

What else do you feel is important for our success?

Let’s talk in the comments section below.

Kegesa Danvas Abdullah is a professional Mechanical and Energy Engineer turned expert and passionate web designer, content writer, blogger, SEO specialist and content marketer.

I am available for exciting and challenging work, connect with me.

14 Responses to “Who is Kegesa Danvas Abdullah?

  • Grace
    5 months ago

    Nice piece. I am encouraged by your words.

  • Wow! I am in. I really wanna know how to make money online. I have also neen struggling to create a personal website.
    You can contact me through my email directly.

  • Clara James
    5 months ago

    I am happy to learn that you ditched peanut salary from your first employer to start freelance business.

    We seem to share the same story.

  • Fridah Momanyi
    5 months ago

    This is amazing Danvas. I hope you shall help me create my website. i have already sent you an email with all details.

    Please contact me when you need help writing.
    I am a freelance academic writer.

  • Baraza
    4 months ago

    Fabulous…teach me plx how to make money online

    • Hi Baraza.
      Welcome onboard. I shall be posting step-by-step guides on how to do everything. Please sign up to receive emails every time I post new lessons, tips and ideas on how to make money online.

  • looking forward to learn something interesting on how to make money online. 🙂

  • Nice, I am totally motivated by your words about how to start freelance work, thanks for sharing it.

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